4DAO is a FORTRAN code designed to launch automatically DAOSPEC (Stetson & Pancino 2008) for a large sample of spectra.

The main aims of 4DAO are:
(1) to allow an analysis cascade of a list of spectra provided in input, by automatically writing the input DAOSPEC files and managing its output files;
(2) to optimize automatically some spectral parameters used by DAOSPEC in the process of equivalent width measurement, above all the Full Width Half Maximum;
(3) to mask some spectral regions (telluric lines, interstellar features, photospheric lines with prominent Lorenztian wings) that can bias the correct equivalent width measurement;
(4) to provide suitable graphical tools in order to evaluate the quality of the solution, especially of the Gaussian fit to each individual spectral line.
(5) to provide the final, normalized, zero radial velocity spectra.

The UVES Red Arm 580 spectrum of the star NGC 5694-37 (Mucciarelli et al. 2013) with superimposed the continuum computed by DAOSPEC (red curve). The yellow-shaded areas mark the spectral regions masked by 4DAO.

Example of the 4DAO output plots showing the fit (red lines) of each line; blue lines mark the lines not matched. Each panel lists the main information about the line (wavelength, ion code, EW and its error, radial velocity and Q parameter).

Current Release:  v1.0  -  Date:  05.11.2013

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