Touristic Trip

Bologna is a Medieval town rich in art, history, culture and commerce, offering a multiplicity of great touristic attractions.

The official site of the Bologna touristic office provides you with useful information about monuments, events, restaurants, etc.: Bologna Tourism Office

A guided trip to some of the nicest monuments in the old town is organized during the free afternoon of the conference (Wednesday 20th). The trip (entirely by feet) will start from the conference site after lunch, at about 2:45 pm and will last approximately 2.30 hours. You will be provided with individual headphones and accompanied by a professional touristic guide, who will illustrate places and monuments along the trip. Below we provide a brief description of the itinerary and links to web pages specifically dedicated to the places and monuments that will be visted during the trip.

If you are interested in this activity, you are kindly requested to register at the welcome desk upon your arrival and contribute with 5 euros per person.


* Basilica of Santo Stefano (Seven Churches)

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* Basilica of San Petronio

(including the longest merdian in the world, build by G.D. Cassini in 1656)

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Touristic Trip
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